There is Power in Hope

“Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.”-George Iles

There is power in hope. Hope brings energy to faith. Without either one, how can we continue our path? Last week, I had the honor of hearing an amazing speaker that spoke about the power of hope. I became instantly engaged in her message about hope and faith. Sometimes, people mix up faith and hope but they are two different things. They indeed work together in a powerful way. Faith is sight unseen and hope is the energy we put into faith. As artists we hold on to faith and are constantly breathing our energy into hope. We cultivate it as we are painting, sketching, writing, molding clay, pre-production of a film and/or a theatre project. In all of these things we are creating and believing in the vitality of our project. If we don’t, how can we expect anyone else to invest in our art?

Working on our company’s latest project and trying to fund some of it through is nothing short of faith and hope. is a website created in 2008, that gives people hope for their passions in their life. It takes away some of the fear of funding and gives others the opportunity to invest in people’s dreams. It creates an online community . is not just for artists, it is for any project that needs financial assistance. I’ve seen a variety of dreams from someone wanting to open up a speciality cheese store, saving the environment, to finishing up editing of a film. If you have a project that you are working on but money seems to be an issue, check out the site.

I hope that many people will invest in this project in pre and post production. We’re in our third week and 10% of the project has been funded. Last week, we were contacted by indiegogo about our project. It will be pitched to MTV Media. The power of faith and hope. I believe that our film, Color the Night  (starring America’s Next Top Model finalist, Keenyah Hill and international model, Isa Rahman, written and directed by Emiliano Styles is going to be a blessing to many people. All we have to do is put energy into our faith. We like creating projects that are very creative but they have a purpose-to educate and inspire people on various issues. We hope to connect with organizations that are bringing awareness and hope to people who need support in issues such as domestic violence, cancer, HIV/AIDS, child abuse, and many other causes and Color the Night will allow us to do just that.

Click here to find out more information on Color the Night.


About areyouactingup

Theatre and film producer and director that specializes in professional development in acting, public speaking, casting, and choreography based out of Atlanta Georgia and New York City.
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