The Artist Way: a spiritual path to higher creativity

A few weeks ago, I taught an introduction to The Artist’s Way, a book created by Julia Cameron. The Artist’s Way is a book that serves as a guide to lead you to a spiritual path of higher creativity.  The book consists of creative exercises, being dedicated to writing morning pages, and having weekly artist dates (at least two hours) with yourself.

After I explained the program, I asked each person to go around the table and talk about a creative goal that they can achieve by the end of the year. As each person spoke, I saw their eyes light up on the prospect of stating this in front of others. Feeding off the energy of others that want to encounter a higher level of creativity gives you a surge of empowerment.

I was struck with how powerful it was to teach this class in a community setting, while I also participated in the exercises with the class.  There is a sense of responsibility that is gathered in a community setting. You are able to learn from others and they also learn from you. I left that class with a renewed energy to facilitate, The Artist Way in a community setting. I began to search for a space.

The journey to achieving your goals can be as rewarding as the goal itself.  It’s important to recognize and even document our journey. When we are aware of the people and challenges we encounter, while reaching for our dreams, we add to the richness of our experience.

My journey of wanting to teach this class has led me to an awesome facility, The Open Mind Center ( The center is located North of Atlanta and it focuses on spiritual and professional growth and creativity. The owner of the center hired me to facilitate The Artist Way this summer. There are no accidents. I felt as if this place was waiting for me to come and I’m so excited  to see what unfolds at my destination.


About areyouactingup

Theatre and film producer and director that specializes in professional development in acting, public speaking, casting, and choreography based out of Atlanta Georgia and New York City.
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