Believing in the power of creativity!

This week my journey took me to a boot camp sponsored by the Alliance of Artistic Communities that was so inspirational! Everyone who attended were either artists or people who believed in artists and were interested in developing further artist support for emerging and established artists. It gave me faith that people still believed in the power of creativity.

According to Alliance there are 48 states and 42 countries that provide artistic communities and the numbers continue to grow. If you are an artist, don’t give up on your craft! There are several people and organizations that believe in you!

What is an artistic community? It is a place that allows you to work on your craft. Whether you are in visual arts, writing arts, the performing arts, or use mixed media, there is a place that you can apply to go to that allows you to work on your process. Some even pay you a stipend! Most offer you a free or subsidized place to stay while you are creating. For further information on artist communities, please go to the alliance’s website:


About areyouactingup

Theatre and film producer and director that specializes in professional development in acting, public speaking, casting, and choreography based out of Atlanta Georgia and New York City.
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