Living a sacred livelihood

Living a sacred livelihood. It is what we hope to do when we dedicate ourselves to our life’s purpose, our passion. It seems so easy at first but the path is challenging because we are stepping into the unknown- to a destination that will take us on highs and lows, blessings and disappointments and so many gifts in the form of experiences. Despite the many hills and valleys, I remain optimistic. If we keep the passion and the joy in our work, how can we fail?

Living a sacred livelihood  happens when we choose to honor our own work and do what we love. I’ve been moved to write this blog because this week I’ve encountered many people, including myself, that have been frustrated with the results of their hard work. Disappointment, according to New York Times Bestselling author, Joyce Meyer, is normal. She states,  “All of us must face and deal with disappointment at different times. No person alive has everything happen in life the way they want or in the way they expect” It is how we handle these challenges is the real gift.

Let’s encourage each other to remain dedicated to our life’s purpose.  My hope is that this blog will validate and inspire others that are trying to live a sacred livelihood. What is sacred about you? What is your life’s purpose?

If you are striving to make a livelihood with your practice, please know you are not alone. You will be surprised on what unfolds, if we change our perspective.  I’ve received so many blessings from unexpected places.  Make sure you keep the joy-that’s what makes it sacred.

Please feel free to share your story on this blog. I look forward to hearing from you.


About areyouactingup

Theatre and film producer and director that specializes in professional development in acting, public speaking, casting, and choreography based out of Atlanta Georgia and New York City.
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