Joy of movement

A few days after auditing a white belt training with trainer of the year, Winalee Zeeb, I bought a  t-shirt that boldly stated: “The journey is the destination” .  I laughed aloud. It was perfect! It reiterated what I already knew subconsciously and  it was reminding me of what Winalee had been embodying all week during the training.

While I’m dancing a Nia routine, I’m able to embody the moves and not think about anything else but the music. I listen to the drums, the violins, the melodic voices that awaken and soothe my spirit. I surrender to the music completely. I don’t think “can I do that move? or when does class end? what song is next? ” I just concentrate on the first principle of the white belt, “the joy of movement” and dance on. When I concentrate on the joy of movement, my body moves naturally to the music. If I need to tweek a movement to maintain pleasure, I do so, still keeping in step with the music. I’m excited to teach others and share the joy of movement with them.

Keeping the joy in the movement allows us to value the process more than the product. This is very empowering, freeing, and challenging. It is a struggle to keep this perspective  in a society that values production everyday.

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Theatre and film producer and director that specializes in professional development in acting, public speaking, casting, and choreography based out of Atlanta Georgia and New York City.
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